Don’t rely on miracles!


Sefer Hasidim / Chapter 103

Never should a person rely on miracles for it is possible that they won’t perform a miracle for him and even if they will – it could be that they’ll diminish his merits on account of this.

Source: Sefaria

Nobody should rely on miracles and thus not sit and wait until G – d maybe causes a miracle to happen. Instead, a person should pray to G – d but, at the same time, take action. Do something and try to improve his situation.

It is not up to G – d to fix everybody’s personal problems but a person has to try to help himself. Run around and find a solution. In this case, G – d may help him. 

When we look at the above text we could get the impression that, as soon as G – d will help us, He diminishes this from our merits. My first thought was that I won’t ask G – d for anything anymore. Nevertheless, I have also learned that we can G – d ask for His help as long as we take action. We also pray to G – d to give us enough food, shelter and health. I wouldn’t be too worried that all this is being diminished from our merits.

But why don’t we see any more open miracles, as our forefathers did?

Why should G – d cause miracles for us? Doesn’t this sound a bit arrogant when we ask him for a miracle? As if He is obligated to perform a miracle for each of us.



2 thoughts on “Don’t rely on miracles!

  1. There is a reason why the God of the Torah doesn’t perform open miracles anymore. It’s the same reason that the Gods of the Iliad no longer perform open miracles for the Greeks anymore.

    The Torah is an anthology of stories written by primitive people.

    Nothing more.

  2. B”H

    Your first part of the first sentence is correct. G – d doesn’t perform open miracles anymore and the Ramban has a whole commentary on WHY.

    Another question:

    Why should G – d perform open miracles today?
    Just because we want it because otherwise we wouldn’t believe in his existence.

    When you say that the Torah is a fake … well, that is you opinion but you actually don’t have a proof.
    When I say that the Torah is the word of G – d …well, people saying this also don’t have a proof.

    None of us can prove each other wrong. This is what the Rambam mentions in his “Guide for the Perplexed”.

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