Chassidic Torah Parasha / Chassidut Gur


The SEFAT EMET (the former Gerrer Rebbe Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter, 1847 – 1905) sees the “hidden G – d” all over this Parasha. G – d is hiding everywhere in this world. In any incident happening to us, everywhere we go. Most of the time we don’t even realize it neither do we think about G – d being involved. How can He be involved if I am not getting the job I applied for, the husband / wife I wanted or a lottery win ? Because G – d knows what you should get and what is good for you. Thus, He acts in hidden manners in order to get you onto the right path.
The job you really really wouldn’t have turned out to be too for you in the end. Rivka knew the result in case Yitzchak was blessing Esav first. So, she had to take action and this is where G – d shows His hidden face.
Our task is to seek for the hidden G – d in our daily lives and everywhere in this world in order to get closer to Him. The difference between G – d and us is that He sees the whole picture and we only see a small part of it.

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