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Shavua Tov & Chodesh Tov!

Have a great new week and a healthy and successful month of Kislev!
The first real storm with lots of rain arrived last Thursday afternoon. Until yesterday morning it kept on raining but it has become a real fashion that rain always goes together with stormy weather. Why can’t it just rain in a normal way? 🙂
Israel desperately needs the rain, as the water level of the Kinneret (Sea of Galilee) continues to shrink. There has been a newspaper report stating that scientists think about building a pipe from the Mediterranean to Tiberias in order to pump sea water into the Kinneret. Apparently they are trying to figure out how the salty water would go together with the freshwater of the Kinneret. What about the fish and plants? On the other hand, pumping sea water into the Kinneret would make Israel less dependent on it’s neighbours and Turkey.
This week, the sun is back and temperatures are going up. Great because I love sunny weather but it is bad for the Kinneret.

One thought on “Shavua Tov & Chodesh Tov!

  1. Praise HaShem I have and idea thats partly mine alone.
    I would build a pipe from Hifia to the Dead Sea that would produce enough power to make sweet water out of Sea water. We would then have more than enough fresh water to turn the plains of Zoar into gardens again. We can cheaply Drill citys into the Mountains then
    We have plenty of room for all of us !

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