Yevamot 63a: “When the Messiah comes, there will be only Farmers”

When you first read this Gemara you may think “Oh no, there won’t be any more craftsman after Meshiach comes. Who is going to fix my car, house or whatever?”
However, have a look at the commentary of this Gemara and then you will understand the true meaning. 🙂
Yevamot 63a:
And Rabbi Elazar said: In the future, when the Messiah comes, all the various craftsman will relinquish their profession, and instead will settle on the land as farmers.
The famous Maharsha commentates:
When Rabbi Elazar says that in the Messianic era all people will relinquish their professions and cultivate the land, he means that in that period, people will not be materialistic and will thus be satisfied with the bare essentials – a small parcel of land upon which to build a house and to grow enough produce for himself and his family.
I just wish that every Israel could afford a small piece of land but reality shows that this is luxury. 🙂

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