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Is our Universe eternal?

Photo: Miriam Woelke
The weather in Jerusalem is like doomsday today. Grey clouds and everything is just dark. Nevertheless, a new weeks has just begun and we have started to prepare for Chanukkah. There are fresh Sufganiot (donuts) all over town and Chanukkah also stands for lots of calories. 🙂
As I am writing about “doomsday”:
Rabbi Saadia Gaon stated that our universe is limited. It is far from being endless although it constantly grows. And here comes a question no one likes to ask:
Does our universe last forever?
Well, not according to the Talmud. Meshiach will come but the question is for how long our planet and the entire universe last afterwards. There are various discussions in Talmud Sanhedrin but the general rabbinic conclusion is that neither humankind nor the universe will last forever.

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