Astronomy / Thoughts

Our own copy in a parallel Universe

Humans are curious and have a never – ending imagination. What if there are other beings in the universe? Life on other planets and “people” just like us?
And what if there are parallel universes with a planet Earth and the same inhabitants? Could there be another ME? What would happen if I traveled to a parallel universe and met myself? How does my copy live in a parallel universe? Who would I be there?
It is very human to ask such questions. Especially when Hollywood is providing us with all kinds of movies and ideas. Just recently I watched another scientific video where an astronomy expert claimed that there might be parallel universes. This idea alone sounds so terribly exciting.
I don’t know whether there are such things as parallel universes but there is a good chance that we will meet a copy of ourselves in a different way. There is a Jewish opinion that, after we die, G – d is going to confront each of us with our wrongdoings as well with situations where we responded in the right way.
However, G – d is going to show us various situations where we reacted in this or that way and, at the same time, He is going to show us how we should have behaved. This way, we will meet the perfect ME.
Personally I think that this idea is far more frightening than meeting myself in a parallel universe. 🙂 I have nothing in common with “myself” living in a different universe but I surely do have something in common with the perfect ME G – d is going to show me. 

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