Chanukkah Sameach – Happy Chanukkah!

The traditional Chanukkah donuts: CHANUKKAH – SUFGANIOT
Copyright: Miriam Woelke
Whereas the Christian world is celebrating its xmas theses days, the Jewish world is lighting the first Chanukkah candle tonight (right after Shabbat is over). By the way, the Jewish and today’s Christian holiday have absolutely NOTHING to do with each other! On the contrary, as the Maccabim were fighting against any kind of idol – worship in the Land of Israel.
Chanukkah is all about the keeping our Jewish identity. Assimilation is the enemy of every Jew and, especially on Chanukkah, we should realize that. The sad thing is that, this year, the secular left – wing Israeli media has been reporting more about xmas than about Chanukkah. Last Wednesday, our Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu went to the International Christian Embassy (a well – known missionary institution located in Jerusalem) and made a speech. What a disgrace!
The Israeli Chanukkah weather doesn’t sound too great. 🙂 It is too cold for the season, we will have lots of rain this week and temperatures won’t climb above 12 degrees Celsius.
I have been a bit too lazy lately and didn’t publish too much on my blogs. Nevertheless, during Chanukkah, I will go various haredi neighbourhoods in Jerusalem and take pictures and make videos. As long as the weather is dry. 🙂
Chanukkah Sameach, everbody!

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