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Chanukkah Impressions from Jerusalem

Don’t get too excited because I haven’t really done very much this Chanukkah. The reason is that I have to work. However, a lot of Israelis with kids took off in order to be at home with their family.
I went downtown this afternoon and it was crowded. People pushing through the Machane Yehudah Market as well as Zion Square, Ben Yehudah Street or King George. It was packed and so were cafes and restaurants. People lined up in front of cash machines at the banks. In other words, you couldn’t get anywhere. 🙂
I went to Zion Square where Chabad Lubavitch has a huge Chanukkiah. Next to it is a market with things we don’t need. Kitsch, cheap jewellery, etc. Afterwards I went to the Old Train Station and enjoyed a hot chocolate with a friend. While drinking, we listened to this concert:




Zion Square / Jerusalem – Copyright: Miriam Woelke


Chabad – Lubavitch in my neighbourhood – Copyright: Miriam Woelke


Sunday is the eighth and thus last day of Chanukkah.

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