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Suspicion: Mother killed herself and her four children


Photo: Miriam Woelke

Not the first time and probably not the last one: Apparently a mother of four committed suicide this afternoon. The police is suspecting that the mother set her apartment on fire and thus committed suicide together with her four little children. 
When I came home from work, I walked through Derech Hebron Street in Jerusalem and saw lots of fire engines, police cars, ambulances and ZAKA. Zaka always means that people died. 
The entire Derech Hebron Street from Yanovski down to Naomi Street was closed. There was traffic from downtown to Yanovski but not from Yanovski towards Naomi Street and the Old Train Station. 
First I thought that Arabs had thrown a Molotov Cocktail. I saw a wall full of black smoke above one of the upper windows. Later I learned that a mother and her children had died in a fire. 
According to Israeli news report: The victims were an ordinary religious family that had made Aliyah. I don’t know from where though. The family was known to the social services and the police are still investigating.



Photo: Miriam Woelke

It is terrible when a mother decided to commit suicide and also kill her children. None of us can imagine what such a parent was going through in order to make such a decision. 
As I said before, this is not the first time that such a thing happened. About two years ago, a Russian woman committed suicide. Before taking her own life, she had killed her two little children. This happened not far away from today’s tragedy in Derech Hebron: The former incident took place in Ein Gedi Street.
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2 thoughts on “Suspicion: Mother killed herself and her four children

  1. B”H

    An Israeli TV report:

    The family made Aliyah 13 years ago. They came from France.
    The mother was undergoing psychiatric treatment.

    However, the police are still investigating in all directions.

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