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Jews tend to repeat their mistakes over and over again

When you take a look back in Jewish history, you will realize very fast that the Jews as a nation have been repeating their mistakes over and over again. It doesn’t matter if it comes to idol – worship or politics.
In the past, the mistakes were followed by disaster and repentance (Teshuva). The latter lasted for a few generations until newer generations started repeating the very same mistakes. Every generation thinks that “we know everything better than the old folks” and simply ignore all those “old mistakes”. In the end, it turns out that they go for it just like their ancestors did. Believing in other gods, intermarriage, assimilation or politics. You name it.
One very Jewish characteristic is not to cause a conflict when there is no need. Already former Prime Minister Golda Me’ir said that Israel will never forgive the Palestinians by turning Jewish sons into killers.” Meaning that young soldiers have to learn how to fight and shoot.
Yesterday, when another terror attack was taking place in Jerusalem, we saw soldiers running away. Only one soldier went up to the Palestinian terrorist and shot him. Everybody else was gone.
Now, people claim that this happened due to the Elor – Azarya – court – case. That a soldier is being accused of manslaughter because he shot a Palestinian terrorist in Hebron about a year ago. The Hebron terrorist came to slaughter Jews and was caught by the IDF. While already laying on the ground, Elor Azaria came and shot the terrorist. He later claimed that he saw the guy moving and suspected that he carried explosives underneath his coat.
Once again, our country is divided but the vast majority is supporting Azaria. The Left loves to play games and use any situation in order to destroy democracy. If all those soldiers ran away yesterday due to the Azaria case, then Israel has a security problem. From now on, no soldier wants to be dragged through the media and courtrooms, as Elor Azaria was.
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