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A human without a soul

I have written a few blog posts about what happens to body and soul when a person dies and how body and soul may get back together at the time of the Resurrection of the Dead (Techiat HaMetim). 
I cannot help it but the whole subject reminds me of an older movie from the 1980s. The movie is called CHILLER and is about a dead guy waking up and coming back to life. His family is happy and excited to see him. However, very soon they realize that their “dead” relative has changed. 
Quite a few people choose to have their dead body frozen or whatever you call this kind of procedure. These people think that, one day, doctors / scientists will be able to cure any illness and will be able to revive the dead frozen body. This may even be the case in the future but there is one thing, people forget to take into consideration: As long as a human revives a dead body, the dead person could come back to life but without a soul. Only G – d is able to return a soul into a formerly dead body (see the Resurrection of the Dead). 
And in order to understand what it means to return from the dead without a soul you can watch the movie CHILLER. 

2 thoughts on “A human without a soul

  1. so how does this relate to resuscitation? A person brought into hospital clinically dead from cardiac arrest. Brainwaves flat as well but the doctors are still occasionally able to bring these patients back to life with a defibrillator and drugs and they recover normally with no sign of any mental changes. The point is that people are kept technically alive in cryostasis. they are frozen at the moment of death but while the brain is still functioning normally therefore the patient is not totally dead.

  2. B”H

    I am not a halachic medical expert but I think that, as long as the brain functions, a person is considered to be alive. So, lets assume that someone is in a coma for several months or even years and eventually wakes up, he has never been dead but just “passed out”. His brain was still functioning.

    As soon as a person dies, the soul is leaving the body. Okay, there are different Talmudic opinions about when the soul is leaving the body but lets assume that it is leaving a second after death. The freezing process itself won’t keep the soul inside the body. The moment the soul is leaving the body, the body remains without the soul. Frozen or buried, it doesn’t matter.

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