Chassidut Gur

Israeli TV report: “Chassidut GUR after Esti Weinstein”


For those of you who are familiar with Chassidut Gur and who do understand Hebrew:


4 thoughts on “Israeli TV report: “Chassidut GUR after Esti Weinstein”

  1. I would refer to your article on 30/9/15 Ashkenazi “Beit Yaakov” not accepting Sephardi girls.”There is a Sephardi movement run by Yoav Lalum who is trying to cancel any kind of segregation. However, what I did not know was that extreme leftist George Soros is financing Lalum’s attempt.ETC…”.
    I am surprised and disapointed of your taking part int his slander from hozrim besheala You are also taking a moral stance on a subject you are totally unqualified to realy understand because of your growing up in such a different environment

  2. B”H

    Hi Chaim,

    I don’t think it is only Yoav Lalum running wild against Ashkenazi Batei Yaakov not accepting Sephardi girls but, as far as I know, Rabbi Amsallem seems to be quite active too. As a matter of fact, Amsallem has very liberal opinions and is fighting traditional haredi society.

    Unfortunately, I cannot say whether one of them or both receive financial support from George Soros. It wouldn’t surprise me if this was the case. It also wouldn’t surprise me if Soros supported Ya’ir Lapid.

    Regarding the GUR documentary:

    Believe it or not, I am not on any side. The Ba’alei be’Sheala I have met so far always seemed to have problems and were a kind of weirdos. They are either gay or on drugs.

    A few years ago, I interviewed the Gur runaway Sarah Einfeld. She was quite nice but hyperactive. 🙂 She left haredi society because she doesn’t want to be religious.

    Some years before that, I met a Gur runaway but he was on drugs. At the same time I used to work for a company owned by Chassidut Gur. One of the employees asked me about the runaway I knew then. If he is okay and whatever. It was very sad, as he was the only son the family had.

    I have nothing against Gur and I have met quite a few Gerrer Chassidim. Gur itself is not very popular among other chassidic groups. The Edah had a fight with them due to Beit Warsaw and other Agudah / Yahadut HaTorah groups see Gur as too powerful and crazy.

    I found the documentary by accident and I saw that it was uploaded by a channel run by Ba’alei be’Shealah. Nevertheless, I decided to put it into my blog. By the way, the documentary was originally published by Arutz 10. With the help from this long – haired journalist working for Haaretz and gossiping about Haredim. I think his name is Ettinger. A guy I cannot stand at all.

    What people say in the documentary was nothing new to me except for the medication issue. I know about the strict Gerrer Takanot because other Chassidim told me about them. They even made jokes about Gur.

    The documentary showed nothing new and I cannot say whether the thing with the medication is true or not. On the other hand, Yaakov Litzman has lots of influence, as we saw with Beit Warsaw.

    As I said before: I am not on any side. If someone is a Gerrer Chassid and loves it, fine with me. In the end, everyone has to decide which way to go. If people want to live according to such strict rules, okay.

    The question I am interested in is if a Rebbe really has unlimited power and how much he actually depends on the Sheyne Yidden or external donors.

  3. If the rebbe realy has unlimited power it is only because his comunity accepts it willingly by own free choice.
    In gur the rebbe NEVER accepts personal contribution as in complete opposition with all other hassidic movements where you offer some donation accompanying your kvittel, and thats allways been the accepted tradtion in gur.The rebbe himself is very rich from his own investments as was his father who was a very succesfull buissiness man before beeng elected to preside on his community. That also is tradition in gur the rebbe beeing financialy independent from his community

  4. B”H

    Does the Rebbe invest a lot of his own money into the community or is the community being supported by private donors?

    In Toldot Aharon, all members have to pay an annual fee for using the Beit Midrash / Synagogue. For people with hardly any money, this seems to be a very hard Takana.

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