Family Issues / Mitzvot

Mitzvah, Mitzvah, Mitzvah

Two religious women killed themselves at the beginning of this month. A mother of four killed all of her children and then hung herself on the balcony of her Jerusalem apartment. Another woman jumped off her balcony after she stabbed her five – year – old son.
The mother of four had made Aliyah from Paris 13 years ago and the second one was born in Israel. By the way, the second case took place in Akko / northern Israel.
The Israeli media has never published the names of both women and after two days or so, the media stopped reporting about what had happened. Some say that police and authorities wanted to avoid copycats.
The first case happened very close to where I live. Everybody said that the mother was suffering from depression after giving birth to her fourth child.
The second case happening in Akko: The woman was a single – mom and extremely poor. She went out begging and suffered from a mental handicap.
One Israeli journalist (Gil Ronen) got so fed up that he published the names of the two women and he calls them “killers”. On his Facebook page, he even gave a link to a Youtube video where the Akko mother talked to Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak. You can see her as well as her little son.
The journalist doesn’t want to let go and keeps on publishing the full names over and over again. He thinks that Israeli society should talk about mothers abusing their children. Gil Ronen states that, if a father abuses or kills his children, the media doesn’t stop reporting. However, as soon as there is a violent mother, everyone keeps quiet. 
There are opinions on Facebook that the first incident happening in Jerusalem was caused by an exaggerated Mitzvah – behaviour.
It is a Mitzvah to get married.
It is a Mitzvah to have children. At least a boy and a girl.
It is a Mitzvah to pray.
It is a Mitzvah to take care of your family.
It is a Mitzvah … Mitzvah … Mitzvah … Mitzvah.
Everything is about Mitzvot but what about the human being? What if you cannot cope with giving birth all the time? With cleaning the house, screaming children, a demanding husband, and, at the same time, you want everybody to think that you are the super mom.
There are times when a Mitzvah is not a Mitzvah anymore. G – d doesn’t want us to destroy ourselves but, unfortunately, many religious Jews just concentrate on Mitzvot and forget about Be’in Adam le’Chavero (how we relate to other people).
I wish that society would talk about child abuse and its reasons. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Israel because no one wants copycats to freak.

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