Cholent – Tshund – Chamim

Thursday evening is Cholent / Chamim evening in haredi Mea Shearim / Jerusalem.
What exactly Cholent is and how it is being made:
Usually Cholent (in Hebrew CHAMIM – a hot dish) is served for lunch on Saturdays. It is a traditional Ashkenazi custom and I have tried a huge variety of different Cholents. Many Jewish women developed their own recipe. Sometimes you mostly find white beans in a Cholent pot. Beans with some meat. What I prefer is potatoes, meat and beans but without any carrots.
I should do this one Thursday evening and go to Ge’ulah / Mea Shearim and just eat Cholent. Some time ago I did this on Thursday afternoons. When the famous STISSEL restaurant still existed. The TV series STISSEL was named after the restaurant.
STISSEL (the restaurant) had the best Kishke ever. A lot of Haredim used to buy homemade STISSEL Cholent, Kishke or Shnitzel. Let alone the delicious Kugel. Kugel Yerushalmi (Jerusalem Kugel) with noodles.
The following video is an Israeli TV report about a journalist going to Mea Shearim and enjoying Cholent. The video is in Hebrew but even if you don’t understand the language, you will get a taste of the great Cholent atmosphere in Jerusalem. 



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