Jerusalem News

Cheapest Jerusalem hairdresser closed his business

The cheapest hairdresser of Jerusalem shut down. I always confuse the company’s name but it is something like “Shuki Zitzri”, located in King George / corner Ben Yehudah Street. I was there yesterday and the owner told me that he shut down his business and is moving to Jabotinsky Street.
Until now, the hairdresser used to employ young people who are learning how to become a hairdresser. When you wanted a haircut and asked for a student, you paid 45 Shekels only. However, those days seem to be over and the owner is opening a new shop in posh Jabotinsky Street charging 250 Shekels for a simple haircut.
Why are hairdressers in Israel so terribly expensive?
There are still hairdresser schools in Tel Aviv charging less, as long as you ask for a student cutting your hair. But this will cost more than 45 Shekels. 🙂

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