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Israel’s recent Unemployment Rate

Israel has a lower unemployment rate and salaries are on the rise:
I would say that it very much depends on where people live. In the southern regions, in the north, at the coast, in Tel Aviv or in Jerusalem. There are more jobs available in Tel Aviv, Netanya, Hod Hasharon, Petach Tikvah or Rishon LeZion. Salaries are also higher than, for example, in Jerusalem. However, Tel Aviv employees cannot enjoy their higher salary, as costs of living are extreme.
It is not easy to find a job in Jerusalem. Especially not a well – paid one. Of course, there are odd jobs or the Jerusalem Post Lite Talk is constantly looking for English teachers. The problem is that salaries are low and it is impossible to make a living. Many companies just exploit their employees and don’t even pay monthly minimum wages.
A lot of North American immigrants start online businesses and thus hope to make a living. Especially Olim (new immigrants) have to be inventive and flexible. It is even worse when Olim decide to move to Safed (Zfat) in northern Israel. You can find a large welcoming Anglo community in Zfat but there is just no work available, as there is no industry.
Israelis are known for their innovations and flexibility and this is what keeps people going. It is not easy but this is reality. A reality Nefesh be’Nefesh may not tell you in advance. 🙂

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