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The Millennial Question

When I grew up in the 1980s, times were very different. Today it sounds, as if we grew up in a museum. 🙂 No smartphone, not even a mobile phone, no real computers, as we know them today, no Google, no Facebook. We didn’t even know the expression “social media” then.
What we did was using a “normal” phone at home. A landline where we had to dial or push in the number. If there was no phone available, we had to go and use a phone booth. And we wrote real letters. With a pen or a typewriter on real paper. 
Well, those were the days. 
Sometimes I miss those days and sometimes I don’t. The world is always due to changes and there have been many positive improvements in terms of technology and social matters. But Simon Sinek is right when he states in the video below that the younger generation is facing severe communication problems. A bunch of friends sitting in a cafe but no one is talking to each other. Each of them is just starring at his smartphone sending out messages or checking emails. 
A mistake many many people do is to “rely on Youtube and social media”. Quite a few people earn a living with their Youtube channel, Instagram account, etc. Instead of looking at it as a temporarily career, people make themselves dependent without considering that an online career could be over within a second. 



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