Jerusalem Stories / Terror

Nof Zion – Where children cannot really be children


Photo: Miriam Woelke

The building on the very left (you only see a small part) and the trailer on the right belong to Jews whereas all other buildings are Arab. The two building complexes in the front (behind the fence) are also Arab.
A lot of Jews living in settlements claim that their life is much saver than various Jewish neighbourhoods in Jerusalem. At least, the settlements have a fence and are protected by tight security. Life in my own Jerusalem neighbourhood is very different though, as we neither have a private 24 – hour security nor are we protected by high fences. The Arabs just walk through all Jerusalem neighbourhoods. They are free to go anywhere. The Jews, on the other hand, should not enter an Arab neighbourhood. Lets say that I would enter the Arab part of my neighbourhood Abu Tur, I may get attacked, killed, stoned, whatever.
People all over the world call us racists but don’t even know that Arabs can move around all over Jerusalem. Jews, however, should avoid Arab neighbourhoods, as the Arabs freak and attack.
The picture above shows a small part of the tiny Jewish neighbourhood called Nof Zion. As a matter of fact, Nof Zion only consists of a few houses located next to the Arab neighbourhood of Jabal Mukaber. A neighbourhood where a lot of Arab terrorists come from.
Nof Zion is somehow cut off and people going there have to go through parts of Jabal Mukaber. It is impossible to walk or ride a bike but one has to have his own car or take the Egged minibus.
I could not live in such an isolated neighbourhood surrounded by Arabs. Where Arabs live less than 10 meters away and can shoot into your living – room or kitchen any time they want. The kids of Nof Zion can only play in the small parking lot surrounded by Arab houses. These kids have nowhere to go but play in the parking lot, inside the house or they run ap and down the staircases bothering the neighbours. What kind of a life is this for children? It just reminds me of the children of Hebron who also have to play in their yards, on rooftops or inside the house. Palestinian snipers are around and could shoot at Jews any time.
You also don’t see any Jewish children playing in the streets of my neighbourhood. Arab kids run around all the time and use the public soccer field all the time. A soccer field located in the Jewish part of Abu Tur. So, where is all the racism? Arab kids run around as much as they want whereas Jewish kids have to play behind fences or inside. Arab kids don’t need to worry of getting attacked.
The different between Nof Zion and Abu Tur is that Nof Zion is entirely cut off and surrounded by Arab houses. Abu Tur, on the other hand, is always accessible and we are surrounded by Jews. Derech Hebron, one of the city’s main roads is very close and we have somewhere to go. Nof Zion residents are just stuck.

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