Jerusalem Stories

Waiting for Purim and Pessach (Passover)

It is cold in Jerusalem. Freezing cold and raining. The sky is grey and everything seems to look so depressive.
Yes, I am whining because I am one of those who needs sunshine. At least some sunshine in order to get energy.
The good thing is that Purim and Pessach are right ahead. Spring is coming and I am really looking forward to it. Even to the Pessach cleaning. 🙂
What people in Jerusalem do these days?
They go to work, come home, eat and just relax at home. Many restaurants are empty, as people don’t feel like going out in the cold weather. Israelis have a special attitude towards the word HOME – בית
A home stands for security and a place where one can close the door behind himself. The outside world is not allowed in.
People who don’t live in Israel are probably the same and they love their home too. However, Israelis like to stress the word AT HOME / HOME because it has a special meaning to them. A save place where no one else is bothering and a place where the soul is able to relax. 

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