Pessach / Purim

PURIM – The hidden ways of G – d

This year, the Jewish world will be celebrating Purim on 12 + 13 March. Actually it depends on where you live because the 13 March is called SHUSHAN PURIM. And Shushan Purim is mostly celebrated in Jerusalem and other places in Israel.
What Purim, among other things, teaches us is that G – d works in hidden ways. Many times we think that He is not around and just forgot about us. What we mostly don’t realize is how He acts in mysterious hidden ways.
Whereas the Exodus took place in connection with plenty of G – dly miracles, we don’t necessarily find miracles mentioned in the Megillat Esther (the Book of Ester). Not even G – d’s Name is mentioned in the entire Book of Esther.
We humans like to take many things for granted and thus don’t realize how G – d is keeping us and our planet alive. We are too busy with our daily lives that we completely ignore all the tiny little miracles happening to us every day.
Purim seems to be a nice cute holiday where the Jews put on costumes and get drunk. On the other hand, Purim has a serious message: Other nations want to wipe us out for no reason. Anti – Semitism exists until this day and this is why Purim is anything but an old event taking place thousands of years ago. On the contrary, as history hasn’t changed too much and the Jews are still being hated.

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