In about an hour, Jerusalem is starting to celebrate SHUSHAN PURIM. Whereas in most parts of the Jewish world, Purim is almost over, Jerusalem is just starting to celebrate tonight and tomorrow. The first Megillah (Book of Esther) reading is taking place at 6.30 pm tonight.
Here is a great online Megillah on Sefaria:
I am neither getting drunk nor dressing up but I always enjoy the Megillah and seeing some people I know. It is great to have a change because most of the time I am only busy working. And I am so glad to have a day off tomorrow. 🙂
So how about the Purim weather in Jerusalem?
It is windy and pretty dusty outside. The weather forecasts is predicting rain for tonight and tomorrow. However, the rain is supposed to stop in the course of the day tomorrow. 
Depending on the weather condition, I will see whether I am making it to Mea Shearim and other places in town. At the Megillah reading tonight I am planing to take the first pictures and maybe make a video. 

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