Pessach Society Pressure

Pessach (Passover) is just around the corner and it looks as if spring has finally arrived. 🙂

Photo: Miriam Woelke

I am really getting busy with my Pessach cleaning. Supermarket chains such as Rami Levi offer whole chickens for 10 Shekels but I guess not every day. I went to Rami Levi today and didn’t see any cheap chickens around. 

Photo: Miriam Woelke

The same with Mazzot. No Mazzot at Rami Levi so far but they put out Mazze and potato flour. Israeli supermarkets are still getting ready for Pessach and, by next week, we will be flooded with Mazzot and everything kosher for Passover.
Until a few years ago, Pessach seemed to be the time of starvation. Sephardi Jewry has a larger variety of food than Ashkenazi Jews. However, today Pessach is not such a big problem anymore. There are great cakes kosher for Passover. Instead of flour, Mazze or potato flour is being used. We have noodles kosher for Passover. There is hardly anything what cannot be replaced. Except for Kidniyot

Photo: Miriam Woelke

Thousands of Israelis are traveling abroad over the holiday in order to escape all the Pessach pressure. I don’t know about the Diaspora but in Israel the Seder is a huge thing. An important family event where, unfortunately, many Jews feel left out. Everybody is asking where you are spending your Seder and this can make some people depressed. Especially those who don’t have a place to go to and who are not in touch with their family. 
On the other hand, there are plenty of families that cannot afford a Pessach Seder and are still looking for places to go to. Such as the public Chabad Seders for instance. Cost of living is Israel is extremely high and a Seder costs a lot of money. 
What is your experience? Are you happy on Pessach or do you feel the same society pressure? 

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