Daily Life in Israel

How to survive (financially) in Israel

Israelis don’t constantly think about Arab terror because they are too busy making a living and paying bills. Israel is a very expensive country  where people have to work hard and many hours in order to make ends meet. 
My advice is that you try to get a job where you don’t only earn minimum wage. Earn at least 40 Shekels an hour. Otherwise you will be able to cover your monthly bills but that’s about it. Groceries are also expensive, no matter what you eat and what you buy.
If you are not among the lucky ones with a high salary, you should cut down your costs. Live in a small apartment not located in the best area. Buy cheaper groceries and not at the expensive American – like supermarket in Emek Refa’im Street (Jerusalem). Instead buy at the Osher Ad or Rami Levi supermarket chains. 
After making Aliyah and still receiving your Nefesh be’Nefesh financial support, don’t get tempted to start a low – paid job such as teaching English at Jerusalem Post Lite Talk. Your employer will exploit you, push you around and your salary is too low to pay all the bills.



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