Free / cheap stuff in Jerusalem right before Pessach (Passover)

Just in case you live near the Reading Station on Masaryk Street (off Emek Refaim), there are great books available for free. People are cleaning for Pessach and throw out a lot of books they don’t need anymore. I found quite a few good books at the Station. Jerusalem history, novels and a Shavuot commentary. 
Rami Levi is selling two kilo Shmura Mazza for 79,90 Shekels. Everywhere else you pay at least 100 Shekels. If not more. 
I bought my first Mazza package today. One kilo Shmura Mazza for 49,90 Shekels from Rami Levi. Next week I will get a kilo handmade Mazzot from Osher Ad. Last year I paid around 80 Shekels. 
In previous years I used to order handmade Mazzot from Kfar Chabad but found out that some Chabad Rabbis overcharge. So, I stopped buying from them and rather go to Osher Ad. 

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