A brief Pre – Pessach – Update

In exactly one week, the Jewish world will be celebrating Pessach (Passover). The last week before Pessach has begun and I am in the middle of me cleaning. First go to work and come home in the evening and continue cleaning. One more week and this will be over. 🙂
This afternoon I went to the haredi discounter Osher Ad in order to get a kilo of handmade Mazzot and wine and grape juice. For the handmade Mazzot I paid 60 Shekels. In comparison to Chabad, this was very cheap. Chabad charges 120 Shekels per kilo.
The handmade Mazzot I got are Kosher Mehadrin but made out of flour (Badatz Edah HaCharedit) and with a certificate of Rabbi Brandsdorfer. In addition to that, I bought a kilo of Shmura Mazza last week. This should be enough.
When it comes wine and grape juice, Osher Ad seems to be cheaper than Rami Levi. It definitely pays off checking out prices!

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