Monday night is Pessach (Passover)

The reason why I haven’t been writing for my blogs on a regular basis is Pessach (Passover). I work and, as soon as I get home in the evening, I start doing my Pessach cleaning. Sometimes I just fall asleep and I am so glad when Pessach is finally here.
I still have to work tomorrow and afterwards I really have to do my Pessach shopping. Well, I bought Mazzot, wine and grape juice but I still need all the groceries. It will be such a mess due to the endless line – ups at the supermarket tills. People buy as if there won’t be any food left tomorrow. Its insane but I have to suffer through somehow. 🙂
I don’t want to go to Osher Ad this evening, as it will be a total mess. Thousands of people are running to the cheap discounter. Instead, I continue with my cleaning.
I am off work this week but may have to work on Friday. Actually this Pessach is a very short holiday despite its seven days. There are only two full days of Chol HaMoed (Intermediate Days), Wednesday and Thursday. Friday is only half a day due to Shabbat. So, the only time when we can really do something is Wednesday and Thursday.
I am planning to go to the Old City. To the Kotel (Western Wall) and I will make some videos in order to upload them onto my blogs. This way, you are getting an idea about the holiday atmosphere in Jerusalem. 🙂
My regular blogging will also continue on Wednesday. However, I am trying to upload a video before Pessach is coming in: Bi’ur Chametz – The Burning of the last Chametz in Nachlaot / Jerusalem. 🙂
So, now back to the cleaning!

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