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Pessach Recipe: “Matzo Brei”

Tomorrow night will be the seventh and thus the last night of Pessach (Passover). At least for Jews in Israel, as Diaspora Jews celebrate Pessach until Tuesday night.
In Israel we only have seven days of Pessach whereas the Diaspora adds an additional eighth day.
So, in Israel tomorrow will only have “half” a day. Just like a Friday before Shabbat is coming in. Meaning that buses stop running in the late afternoon and shops are closing around the same time. In Jerusalem, the seventh day of Pessach starts at 6.33 pm.
Monday is an official holiday and Pessach ends on Monday evening at 7.48 pm. The we are allowed to eat grains, bread, noodles, rice, etc. Bakeries are running night – shifts because people want fresh bread on Tuesday morning. On Tuesday we are also going back to work. But, as I mentioned before, Diaspora Jews have an additional day and there Pessach only ends on Tuesday night.
Just before Pessach ends, I would like to publish the most popular Pessach recipe: The MATZO BREI.
As you can see in the below video, the ingredients are:
3 or 4 eggs
Some milk
Black pepper
100g yellow cheese
If you want you can also add parsley or dill. Some people even like to cut in fresh mushrooms.
4 Mazzot
Most Chassidim won’t eat Matzo Brei during Pessach, as they don’t consume Gebrochts (Mazzot mixed with liquids). However, they can enjoy Matzo Brei after Pessach. 🙂
While preparing the Matzo Brei, you can either make the Mazzot a little wet or just crumble them into a bowl together with eggs and some milk (see video below).
Some people only mix the Mazzot with salt and eggs. Others also use milk. A lot of Jews like eat Matzo Brei for breakfast, as it is very filling. 



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