Minhag / Pessach / Sephardi Judaism

Pessach ends & Moroccan Jewry celebrating MIMUNA

Last night at about 8pm, Pessach (Passover) was over. At least in Israel, as Diaspora Jews only end Pessach tonight. Whereas we had to go back to work today, Diaspora Jews were still having a day off. 
Israel’s supermarkets don’t look like this anymore: 



Photo: Miriam Woelke

Shelves with Chametz products were covered. Now we are back to grains, cereals, pizza, bread. etc. However, I have to admit that I haven’t eaten any grains yet. Simply because I am not a brad fan. Instead, I am finishing my “kosher for Passover” products first. When I came home from work, I made a Mazza – Lasagne. 🙂
As soon as Pessach was over last night, Moroccan Jews started celebrating their traditional MIMUNA Lots of Knesset politicians participated in different Mimuna celebrations in order to make some PR. 🙂
So, what’s next?
Next Sunday night and Monday is Yom HaShoah. The national Holocaust Memorial Day in Israel.
In two weeks from today, the country will be celebrating its 69th Independence Day (Yom Ha’azma’ut. The evening before as well as half the day before Yom Ha’azma’u starts, we are commemorating the fallen Israeli soldiers and terror victims.



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