Ancient Paganism / History

3D Digital Art Ancient Nineveh – Assyria

This is a great 3D digital animation of how ancient Ninveh / Assyria could have looked like.
We all know Ninveh from the Book of Jonah (Sefer Yonah) when G – d sent Jonah to Ninveh in order to warn them not to worship any more idols. Otherwise G – d would destroy the city. And we all know that Jonah refused and was swallowed by the fish. In the end, Jonah went to Ninveh and carried out his task. The people repented but I think that Ninveh got destroyed later on, as everybody went back to worship idols.
There were great places in the ancient world but, unfortunately, many remains have been destroyed by ISIS. Radical Muslims without culture and intelligence. The people of Ninveh used to have more brains than the whole ISIS together.

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