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The complicated matter of selling or renting Israeli land to a non – Jew

Deuteronomy / Sefer Devarim 7:2 prohibits the sales of Israeli land to a non – Jew. The Hebrew word TCHANEM (Compassion) can be interpreted in three different ways and one of them is NOT TO GIVE LAND TO A PERSON. Not by selling and not by giving it as a gift. As this verse in Deuteronomy talks about non – Jews, the rabbinical interpretation is not to sell or rent Israeli land to a non – Jew.
The halachic issue is extremely complicated and there are various opinions:
When we talk about LAND, I assume that most people automatically think of Arabs. However, in Israel we have a lot of Christians from abroad buying land or renting apartments. Most of these Christians use their new abode for evil purposes such as trying to get Jews into Christianity. I heard that the Jerusalem suburb Mevasseret Zion is full of such Christians.
My own  Jerusalem neighbourhood is full of non – Jews renting apartments. No, I am not talking about the Palestinians living further down in their area. I am referring to a lot of Americans and German families working for the UN or EU. Not that those people are not Jewish but they also act against the State of Israel and actively support the Palestinians. In my neighbourhood we know that German and American non – Jews who live among us hate Israel and Jews. So, how come that many Israelis rent out their apartment to them? The answer is MONEY. The landlords simply charge the double rent and the UN pays.
There is Halacha and, unfortunately, there is the famous greedy reality of life. 🙂

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