Yom Ha'azma'ut

How Israelis celebrate their Independence Day (Yom Ha’azma’ut)

Airshows, free access to various museums and lots of barbecue. This way Israelis love to celebrate their Independence Day.



Photo: Miriam Woelke


The airshow in Jerusalem is never as great as at the beach in Tel Aviv. Here is the picture I took from my balcony when the planes were passing. It was a very brief show and there was not much to see.
Nevertheless, I found a video showing you the atmosphere of yesterday’s 69th Independence Day. The video is in Hebrew but there is no need to understand the language because the pictures alone express everything. 🙂
I suppose that the Neturei Karta had another Israeli flag burning ceremony in Mea Shearim / Jerusalem. They do this every Independence Day eve. However, Israelis are not interested because we have a day off from work and we are glad to have our own country. Although it may not be a perfect country but, at least, something.



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