Jerusalem News / Yom Yerushalayim

Many Jerusalem Streets closed due to “Jerusalem Day” celebrations and Donald Trump

Starting tomorrow afternoon, various streets in Jerusalem will be closed to traffic. Jerusalem is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Six – Day – War and the liberation of the Old City from the Jordanian occupation. After the Israeli army liberated the Old City in June 1967, Jews gained free access to the Western Wall (Kotel) since 1948. All this time from 1948, the Arabs were in charge of the Old City, the Kotel and the Temple Mount.
This Wednesday is YOM YERUSHALAYIM (Jerusalem Day) and the annual parade, the March of the Flags, is supposed to take place in the afternoon. Thus, a lot of streets downtown will be closed: Bezalel, King George, Keren Hayesod and the area around the Independence Park across the American Consulate.
This year, the Jerusalem celebrations last for a few days and already start tomorrow. I have no idea why some streets will be closed tomorrow afternoon, as I only know about various concerts taking place in front of the municipality building at Safra Square.
Then, I think on Tuesday?, Donald Trump is coming to Jerusalem. Just for one day but the area around the King David Hotel is going to shut down. There is only Trump and his staff occupying the entire hotel. Other guests who are due to arrive were sent to other hotels. However, Trump is only staying for one night.
So, those of you going by bus these days … either to work or somewhere else, be aware of the traffic chaos and closed streets. 🙂

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