Jerusalem News

Trump vs Trees?

Last Sunday afternoon I was shocked to see that a lot of trees at the Derech Hebron Street parking lot had been cut down. Nice great trees. Now there are just concrete and dry fallen branches left. A terrible scene and I couldn’t figure out why this had happened, as those trees didn’t bother anyone.
There is a huge parking lot on Derech Hebron Street in Jerusalem. Right next to the Old Train Station and hundreds of people use it on a daily basis. To go shopping or to the nearby restaurants. The parking lot used to be surrounded by trees but now a lot of them are gone. Furthermore, the bus stop for buses running to the Old City has also disappeared. What’s left is concrete and emptiness.
Yesterday I heard that Donald Trump’s helicopter is due to take off and land on this particular parking lot located in my neighbourhood. The American President is coming to Israel on Tuesday. At least as far as I know. He will be here for one day only and stay at the nearby King David Hotel. In order to go to Bethlehem and Ramallah, he is traveling by helicopter. Ramallah is just 25 km far away from Jerusalem and Bethlehem is located right after the Talpiyot neighbourhood. I could even walk to Bethlehem but this wouldn’t help me anyway. Israeli citizens are not allowed to enter the Palestinian Authority due to security reasons. If we were entering this territory, the Palestinians may cut our throats after a few minutes. I cannot even enter the Palestinian part of my neighbourhood. Palestinians, on the other hand, can be found anywhere. Passing any Jewish neighbourhood and town.
So, I was told that President Trump may use the parking lot on Derech Hebron as his helicopter station and we have to suffer because everything will be shut down. And for this one day and some helicopter landings, all those trees were chopped off?
Does anyone know whether this is true?

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