Netanyahu Government / USA

The Abu Tur / Jerusalem neighbourhood preparing for Trump visit

The Jerusalem Municipality and the Bibi Netanyahu’s office chose my neighbourhood to be the place where Donald Trump’s helicopter is going to land and take off. Who would have ever thought so and I had to change my plans with going to work tomorrow and on Tuesday. 
It will be extremely hard to leave the neighbourhood and it will be even more complicated to return home after work. Secret services, police, army and private security personnel, everyone will be there making our lives miserable.
Many Jerusalem residents have no idea of how they get to work, as multiple roads will be closed. A girl working at a supermarket told me that she lives right across the King David Hotel (where Trump will be staying) and she doesn’t know how she is getting home tomorrow. She may stay with friends and sleep there.
A woman living on HaPalmach Street told me that she cannot send her kids to kindergarten for the next two days, as streets and even the kindergarten shut down. The 28 – hour – Trump – visit is causing a traffic chaos in Jerusalem. Many people may be stuck somewhere and in order to avoid this, I am staying home.
I would have never expected that Donald Trump is going to land almost right in front of my door. 🙂 Well, I wish he would stay for a few days and witness all the problems we have with the Arabs: Fire bombs, stones, curses such as “Dirty Jew” or smashed car windows.
Tomorrow until Tuesday afternoon, Derech Hebron Street will be closed. In addition to that the entire surroundings down to the train walking path. The parking lot on Derech Hebron where the President is going to land and take off, was already empty today. I only saw army jeeps and municipality vehicles. Workers were cleaning the place and it has never been as shiny as now. 🙂
This is were Trump’s helicopter is going to land in Jerusalem tomorrow:



Photo: Miriam Woelke





Photo: Miriam Woelke


Derech Hebron Street getting ready



Photo: Miriam Woelke

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