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Donald Trump landing in Jerusalem this early afternoon

President Donald Trump was landing in Jerusalem this early afternoon. After Air Force 1 landed at Ben Gurion Airport and the US President was welcomed by the Netanyahus, cabinet members and the opposition, a helicopter took him to Jerusalem.
I left the house and went down to Derech Hebron Street. Only three minutes from my home, the President was landing on a parking lot of a supermarket. 🙂 When I got to the security barriers, many other people from my neighbourhood had gathered in order to take pictures. 
We only saw lots of helicopters landing and taking off. Trump’s helicoper is the last one to arrive (5:20 in the video). Sorry, but this is all we could see. 🙂



2 thoughts on “Donald Trump landing in Jerusalem this early afternoon

  1. B”H

    Lots of people live there but they were not evacuated. 🙂 I saw snipers on the rooftops and that’s all.

    When Donald Trump and his wife made their way to the Old City yesterday afternoon, they decided to walk down the narrow alleyways to a church and then to the Kotel. I heard that all Arabs living in the houses along the alleyways had to leave their homes.

    In those narrow alleyways, terrorists can easily shoot someone and escape. We’ve had this many times happening in the past when Jews got shot.

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