Holocaust / Palestinians / USA

Donald Trump met with Holocaust denier Abu Mazen

At 10.00 am this morning, Derech Hebron Road as well as my neighbourhood were closed off again. For about 1,5 hours. From my balcony I saw a long line of government vehicles passing. Apparently the American President was on his way to Abu Mazen in Bethlehem.
Bethlehem (in Hebrew BEIT LECHEM – House of Bread) is only a few kilometers away from Jerusalem. About a 10 minute bus ride. The town is Arab – Christian but the Muslims have been trying to gain total control over the place.
In order to get to Bethehem which is part of the Palestinian Authority, you have to pass an Israeli checkpoint. Every 15 minutes of so, Palestinian buses travel from Bethlehem to Jerusalem and back. Jews are not allowed to get onto those buses. Palestinian bus drivers would never ever let them on. At the same time, Palestinians are able to get onto any Israeli public bus transportation. From this you can see, where the real Apartheid comes from. Not from the Israeli side.
Moreover, Israelis are not allowed to enter Bethlehem or any place of the Palestinian Authority. It is a security risk and Israeli checkpoint soldiers would never let an Israeli cross the border. Otherwise, Palestinians would cut the throat of the Israeli visitor. I am not even allowed into the Palestinian part of Abu Tur, as the Palestinians could kill me.
So, Trump went to see Abu Mazen who is famous for his Holocaust denial. As a matter of fact, many Palestinians deny the Holocaust or like to tell German tourists that Hitler made a mistake: He forgot to kill all the Jews!
So, on the one hand, a lot of Palestinians deny the Holocaust but, on the other hand, they claim that they themselves are the new Holocaust victims.
After visiting the Holocaust denier Abu Mazen, Donald Trump is now on his way to the Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem in Jerusalem. Then he will visit the nearby Israel Museum and leave Israel. His next stop is going to be the Vatican where he is meeting further haters of Judaism.



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