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This year’s HEBREW BOOK WEEK (Shavua HaSefer) is starting this Wednesday

The annual HEBREW BOOK WEEK (Shavua HaSefer) is starting this Wednesday. Israeli publishing companies are going to exhibit their books and many authors will be around.
Most bigger places in their country have their exhibitions and events. In Tel Aviv, the Hebrew Book Week will be taking place on Rabin Square (Kikar Rabin). The location in Jerusalem is the Old Train Station across the Khan Theater.
Opening hours are from 6 pm – 11 pm and you can find all further details here:
Most books are in Hebrew but it is possible to find some English copies too!
Despite the Internet and Amazon, the Hebrew Book Week is still an important event in Israel. Especially for kids. Entire families are coming to buy new books for their children and the kiddies look very excited.
I only buy religious books and mostly from the Zalman Shazar Center. Their chassidic biographies are quite good when it comes to authors such as Moshe Rosman, David Assaf, Moshe Idel or Emmanuel Etkes. You can make a bargain by buying from the Zalman Shazar Center booth.
I am actually thinking of buying a book written by Cedric Cohen Skalli


The edition I may purchase is in Hebrew and, as you can see by clicking on the link, Skalli writes about three letters written by the famous Abarbanel. My question is, if anyone knows the book, the author or both and could tell me his opinion.
The Shazar Center is selling this book for 62 Shekels only. But only at the Book Week! Otherwise it costs much more.
I still have so many books to read that I bought in previous years. Among them are lots of Chabad biographies and Chabad ideology books. But also the Baal Shem Tov, Chassidut Ruzhin – Boyan and others. 
There is no entrance fee for the Book Week and everyone can just come and enjoy all the books. 🙂



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