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Just two days ago, I wrote about the annual HEBREW BOOK WEEK opening its gates tomorrow at 6 pm. This Hebrew book fair, where all Israeli publishing companies exhibit their books, is taking place until 17 June.
Now I found out the the JERUSALEM INTERNATIONAL BOOK FAIR is taking place at the same location and almost at the same time. From 11 – 15 June. The location is the Old Train Station on David Remez Street.
Whereas the HEBREW BOOK WEEK is an annual event, the International Book Fair only takes place every second year. Last time, it was a failure and there weren’t too many people around. This may be the reason why the two fairs are taking place at the same time and location. The Hebrew event has lots of visitors but the International counterpart has lost its popularity.
Here are more information about the International Book Fair 2017 in Jerusalem,com_adsmanager/page,display/tid,420534/catid,99/Itemid,361/
The entrance is FREE of Charge!!!
Some readers may ask whether lots of religious Jews, Haredim in particular, show up at the book fairs.
Well, you won’t necessarily find Mea Shearim there but, still, there are Haredim searching for religious books. Also a lot of secular Jews like to buy books about chassidic history / Eastern European Jewish history.
Most of these visitors either go to the booths of the Bar Ilan University, the Zalman Shazar Center, Koren Publishing or other smaller frum publishers. In terms of Jewish religious books, the International Book Fair has not much to offer and so most Haredim prefer the Hebrew event.

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