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German documentary on Antisemitism banned by German networks because it is too pro – Israel

For some time it has been going on: The reports about a German documentary on Antisemitism in Europe that was banned by German networks. The German media considers this documentary as “too pro – Israel”.
Now a large German newspaper intends to broadcast the documentary on its channel or website or whatever they run. Nevertheless, the documentary can already be seen on Youtube and, from now on, even with English subtitles:

When I watched this documentary last night, I was shocked about what has become of Germany. The country where I was born and grew up. Okay, I haven’t been there for the past 17 years but many people from other country haven’t been to their country. An American living overseas or any other person away from his country of origin.
Countries and people undergo changes and those of you who haven’t been to Israel for the past 5 or 10 years, may be surprised how much the country has changed. However, various principles, opinions and even the language are still the same. I, on the other hand, don’t recognize today’s Germany anymore.
A new generation has grown up, the country is full of Muslims and there is crime all over the place. Yes, there were Muslims in the 1980’s or 90’s but not such a vast amount occupying entire neighbourhoods and threatening the local population. The crime rate has risen drastically and every day we read about further crimes and Arab terror attacks.
Due to all the political correctness, the German language has started to change. New words have been invented in order not to “offend” anyone. Even the question “Where are you from?” has been considered racist from a representative of the Green party. It is totally insane. Arab terrorists turned into “resistant fighters”. It was Saudi Arabian “resistance” hijacking passenger jets and flying them into the World Trade Center killing thousands of people.
I simply don’t understand how the left can be that stupid and totally underestimate the radical Muslim danger. Instead of demonstrating or speaking up against Arab terror and the countries financing it, Israel (the only democracy in the Middle East) is constantly being condemned.



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