Christian Missionaries

Christians Missionaries in Israel try to marry a Jew in order to stay in the country

Just imagine for a few minutes:
You are homeless, sleep in shelters and eat in soup kitchens. You don’t really have a place to go to but only receive a small monthly welfare allowance. 
Some people may say: “Well, find a job and earn money!”
This, however, doesn’t always work and it very much depends on the person. If the homeless person is sixty years old or even older, then it won’t be that easy to just find a job.
After a couple of years of being homeless, a Christian woman (in most cases it is a woman) comes up to the homeless guy and is trying to be friendly. 
By the way, quite a few soup kitchens all over the country are also supported by donations from Christians. They call themselves “Friends of Israel” or “Supporters of Zion” but what they really are is evil missionaries. Especially the so – called “Christian Friends of Israel” as well as other groups. 
So, a Christian woman comes up to the Jewish homeless guy and is giving him some attention. Eventually he agrees to marry her. She will offer him a home, food, computer, a clean place to live. I don’t know whether sex also plays a role. 🙂
He, in return, marries her somehow and after doing so, the Christian woman may get a status from the Ministry of the Interior, that lets her stay in the country. Not necessarily a citizenship but, lets say, a permanent visa. 
The question is: Why would the Jew agree to such a fake marriage and why would he get involved with a Christian missionary?
After years of being in the street and not having anywhere to go, he may be sick of his situation. And why not having a warm cozy home and a nice bed to sleep in? There are guys who keep on telling themselves that their “wife” is NOT a missionary but a nice lady. 
In recent years, it has become a real fashion for Christian missionaries looking for homeless or other needy Jews. Poor Russian immigrants or people just eating in soup kitchens. Many soup kitchens are even run by missionaries. Whether in Haifa, Sderot, Tel Aviv and other places. 
Providing food for the needy and, at the same time, trying to sneak into Jewish society is the goal of lots a missionaries. By the way, there are quite a few German Christian missionaries being involved in this “business”. Missionaries from Berlin as well as from East Germany.
So, what is the solution?
The homeless guy is happy because he has a bed. He keeps on telling himself that his wife is just a great woman trying to help but would he ever give up his new convenient lifestyle and return to the shelter?

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