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Whose fault is Homosexuality?

About a week ago, a German reader sent me an antisemitic e – mail calling haredi Jewry by the worst names. On my German blog I had written against homosexuality and Diaspora Reform Jews trying to influence Israel in a negative way.
Besides letting me know all his hatred he actually did make an interesting remark. A statement you usually hear from a lot of gays:

It was G – d who created us this way and thus, it is His fault and not ours. We just follow the desires He gave us.

As I said, this is a very common statement made by many gays also in Israel. So, how could we accuse them of doing something wrong? When G – d is in charge of everything, so it is all His fault.
I usually delete antisemitic comments or e – mails full of hate but, in this case, I answered the guy:
It is true that G – d runs the entire universe and that He created each one of us. However, the Torah prohibits homosexuality. The same as the Torah teaches that Jews should eat kosher and refrain from forbidden activities on Shabbat.
If I ate non – kosher food, it is MY decision and I cannot say that G – d created me this way. There was nothing I could do when I suddenly had the desire to eat non – kosher food.
We humans, no matter if Jews or Gentiles, have the free will to decide. This is what G – d gave us and our task is to make the right decisions. If we decide to go against the Torah and any morality, well, this is our choice and we cannot accuse G – d by stating that this is all His fault.
A serial killer murdering numerous people cannot claim that G – d created him this way and there was nothing he could do about it but kill all those people.
G – d is in charge but we humans make our individual decisions.



2 thoughts on “Whose fault is Homosexuality?

  1. I agree with you 100% Miriam. G-d made me to be a man who would love to have sexual relations with every woman I think of as beautiful, I actually do have that desire even at 74 years of age and when I was an atheist I thought it was good for me to do it. Now that I love G-d, and I know I must only do that within marriage even though my wife divorced me 5 years ago and the temptation is formidable, I will obey G-d and restrain myself. Years ago I thought about the subject and came to the conclusion that only if one love’s G-d can one overcome great temptations and that those born with a desire to have sexual relations with the same sex have the exact same temptation I have, THE SAME EXACT TEMPTATION which is to satisfy sexual desires. With G-d, anything is possible, even to not give in to that desire

  2. B”H

    My comment may sound a little harsh but I do think that we humans must overcome or, at least, make a huge effort, certain desires. We were not born as animals which just follow their instincts such as eat, drink and sex. Humans have a higher soul and we shouldn’t just run after pleasure. This is also a reason why we say a blessing before and after we eat and drink. Not just shoveling everything inside because we are hungry but say a blessing and think of who actually provided the food. 🙂

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