Minhag / Sephardi Judaism / Tisha be'Av

Tisha be’Av: “Cleaning for Meshiach & Baking a Cake”

Someone told me that certain Sephardi communities follow two interesting customs (Minhagim) on Tisha be’Av. Especially Jews from Tunisia like to clean their homes on Tisha be’Av. They call it “Cleaning for Meshiach”.
According to some sources, Meshiach is supposed to come on a Tisha be’Av and thus Sephardic communities use the opportunity and clean their house on this day in order to welcome Meshiach. Others also bake a cake for Meshiach.
The idea behind these customs is, of course, to busy oneself and not think about the 25 hour fast. While cleaning, people don’t really think of their hunger and thirst and is makes the time go by faster.
I will also be cleaning my apartment this Tisha be’Av (Tuesday) but I won’t bake a cake. I very much doubt whether Meshiach would want to taste my cake. 🙂

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