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Arabs murdering the Jews of Hebron (1929)

Today is TISHA be’AV (the 9th day in the month of AV). The saddest day in Jewish history, as on this day, the two Jerusalem temples were destroyed. First by the Babylonians and later, by the Romans.
Religious Jews all over the world are fasting for 25 hours. In Jerusalem, the fast ends tonight at 8.05 pm.
The difference between the 25 hours of fasting on Tisha be’Av and on Yom Kippur is that on Tisha be’Av we can practically do everything besides eating and drinking. We can ride on a bus, drive a car, go shopping and some people even go to work while there are fasting.
It is also customary to watch movies on Tisha be’Av. No, no Hollywood stuff but serious movies on Jewish history. e.g. Holocaust documentaries or movies about how the Crusaders and the Catholic Church (Inquisition) used to murder Jews. Or movies on radical Islam and Arab terror attacks.
One example is the following video:
A documentary on the Arab pogrom in Hebron in 1929. There was no State of Israel then and no Israeli settlements. The Palestinians didn’t even exist then but called themselves ARABS. Only Yassir Arafat invented the Palestinian people at the end of the 1960’s.
Arab pogroms also took place in Yaffo, Zfat (Safed), Tiberias and in Jerusalem. 


This is the first documented massacre in the holy land, however Arabs murdered Jews also in the 1920th, and until our days this hate to Jews, later using the term of Zionist ‘occupation’ as a convenient excuse for this savage brutal hateful massacres. What could be the reason in 1929 to slaughter by torture and corrupt the bodies of the ancient Jewish community members who lived in Hebron hundreds of years? Only a Nazi ideology of annihilation; The ‘Palestinian people’ was not invented yet for propaganda purpose: These were ‘just’ Arabs expressing rage and sadistic desires towards the helpless victims. Only few people among Arabs hid and rescued some of their Jewish neighbours, while the majority either participated or witnessed the horrors. What ‘occupation’ could be the excuse for this? So, after being aware to this forgotten detail in history, can someone still consider Jewish settlers in Hebron, as ‘illegal’?
And besides: nearly million Jews were forced to flee from Arab countries due to persecutions. Why are those refugees and survivors not mentioned in mainstream media, and the horrors they have been through?

3 thoughts on “Arabs murdering the Jews of Hebron (1929)

  1. I tried to watch it now and it says “this video is not available”. I had no time before, but I am sure it was on when you posted.

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