Christian Missionaries / Tisha be'Av

On Christian hatred towards Judaism


Not only radical Muslims murder Jews. Today, on Tisha be’Av, we should also remember the pogroms of the Christian church. And just like many Muslims, also the Christian church as well as many Christians all over the world hate Jews for being Jewish. All churches hate Judaism and religious Jews because they are the greatest threat to a Christian self – invented false religion. 

The Christian religion is nothing else but a fake and and an invented religion. It has nothing to do with reality but the churches want to maintain their power. It was not only the Spanish Inquisition torturing and murdering Jews but also Martin Luther expressed his extreme antisemitic ideas.

Until today there are countless of evil Christian missionaries cruising around in Israel. The Muslims want to kill Jews but Christian missionaries want to destroy Jewish souls by getting Jews into idol – worship.


2 thoughts on “On Christian hatred towards Judaism

  1. I am an atheist and do not excuse ANY crime caused by ANY silly or criminal ideology in history or today,

    You are very right, of course, remembering these crimes. Also, protestant Jew-hate was even worse from the 16th century onwards than catholic jew-hating at the same time, and especially during the nazi-era.

    For instance in Franconia, Antisemitism was much more significant in protestant villages than in catholic villages. Why? Well, some important catholics actually did not like Jews, but their dislike for the Nazis was even more significant.

    My great-uncle, a protestant, was a short-time village chief in Segnitz/Franconia, because1945, he was the only available male in the village who had not been a member of the Nazi Party. Why that? Well, he was unmarried, independend, and could afford to refuse to join them. He actually disliked the Nazis indeed. But he disliked “the Jews” even more and got away with it even under the eyes of the US forces who had occupied Segnitz without a single shoot because my great-uncle had been sent out to them (as the only formal non-Nazi in town that he was) waving the white flag.

    But as fopr today, let us not forget, that every Christian — at least every Christian that I know, regardless if he is Anglican, Protestant, Catholic or whatever — TODAY would condemn ANY crime against humanity like terrorism without reserve at any time. And the same is true for ANY Buddhist, Hindu, Sikh or Atheist that I know.

    But at the same time, this is sadly NOT true für any Mohammedan. THIS is the main problem of the civilized world today and we should never become tired to adress it

    Islam is incompatible with humane civilization.

  2. B”H

    Radical Islam is a serious threat to the world. Muslims consider themselves as superior and those who refuse to become Muslims, have to face serious consequences. At least, according to Muslim theology.

    Never mind Islam and in Israel we are used to terror attacks. However, what we also see is Christian missionaries sneaking in and trying to get Jews into their idol – worship. Many Christians like to tell Jews that the Holocaust would have never happened if the Jews had converted to Christianity.

    Today, missionaries open soup kitchens and this way, they intend to spread their message. Or they offer youth programmes always in connection with the New Testament.

    You find Christian missionaries in the Israeli army as well as in the Knesset where they have the Christian Allied Caucus office. Their goal is to destroy the Jewish State and they demand Aliyah (unlimited Immigration) for Christians.

    Christian missionaries are as crazy and vicious as radical Muslims.

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