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Q & A: “Can I use Kabbalah for Time Travel”?


An interesting question I must admit and the answer is rather simple: No, we cannot use Kabbalah for time travel.
According to my experience, it is pretty common that many people, Jews and Gentiles alike, totally misinterpret the meaning of the Kabbalah. The Jewish Kabbalah is not something spooky one can use to do magic or change the world the way he wants.
Kabbalah stands for the secrets of the Torah. Kabbalah is all about the Torah and in order to start learning Kabbalah, one should know the Torah. At least more or less. Not only the Torah but also the Talmud and Halachot (Jewish Law). Believe it or not, Halachot can be extremely kabbalistic when it comes to understand the reason for keeping this and that Halacha.
Kabbalah is not only about using the Names of G – d. Just imagine that anybody could use G – d’s Names and try winning the lottery or cure a serious illness. How would the world look like? Terrible I guess.
Kabbalah helps us to understand the secrets of the Torah and these secrets do not include time travel nor does G – d allow us to fool around. Nevertheless, there was a time in human history when this happened. When people were fooling around with G – d’s Names and even succeeded in confusing the angels. Those people were the guys who built the Tower of Bavel (Babylon) and, in the end, G – d had to interfere in order to save His creation.
Why do people learn Kabbalah?
Because the are looking for a better understanding of the Torah.
Can any Jew study Kabbalah?
Theoretically yes but the truth of the matter is that a person needs to be extremely knowlegeable. Besides, most kabbalistic texts were written in Hebrew and have never been translated into any other language. These texts are not only in Hebrew but also written in Rashi script.
Kabbalah is full of hidden symbols and it is very hard to understand the message of this metaphoric language. Unfortunately, too many people get confused because they take everything literally.
But, coming back to time travel:
Why would you want to travel back in time or maybe see what the future is all about? You have to consider one thing: G – d put you into this world. At this time and into this situation. Meaning that you have something to do on this planet now and not 200, 500 or 5000 years ago.
We cannot change the past and we don’t know how our future will look like. Our task in this world is to live our life right now. If G – d had wanted you or me to live 2000 years ago, He would have created us back then.
Time travel is an interesting thought and who doesn’t sometimes dream about meeting Moshe, Adam and Eve, see the First or Second Temple or tell European Jewry to get out before the Nazis will kill them. On the other hand, we were put into this world for a reason and the reason is to fulfill our goal in life while we live.

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