Rosh Hashana / Synagogues / Yom Kippur

Jerusalem: “Reserving seats for the High Holidays”

If you are spending the upcoming high holidays (Rosh Hashana & Yom Kippur) in Jerusalem, you should make sure that you get a seat at a Synagogue. The Great Synagogue, for instance, is already asking people to reserve a seat for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. A seat costs a few hundreds Shekels and on Yom Kippur, I think, about 700 Shekels. Divide the amount by 3,60 and you get the amount in US $.
Chabad Synagogues usually don’t charge and all Jews are invited to come. A few years ago, I went to Chabad Rehavia on Yom Kippur but found the Ne’ilah service full of German Christians. Unfortunately, too many crazy Christians like to go to Chabad Rehavia. I complained but nothing has changed.
So, I will spend the upcoming high holidays at a Litvishe place in the Old City because I like their service. Well, there are still some nutty Christians around, as a Jewish guy who lives in a local hostel loves to bring a whole bunch of tourists from his hostel. This is totally out of place. Especially on Yom Kippur but the guy won’t change his attitude.
He does the same every Shabbat when he takes all kinds of Christian tourists to the Machlis family for a Shabbat meal. Suddenly Jews are being surrounded by Christians wearing huge crosses around their necks and smartphone selfies.
The result is that Gentile tourists hardly find a place for a Shabbat meal except the Machlis family.

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