In Mourning


I know that some people who do not have a pet find this ridiculous. However, I have been in mourning for the past few days because my cat disappeared. I suppose that she is dead and maybe got hit by a car while being outside. This is very common in my street and sometimes there are quite a few dead cats laying around.

In a way I am glad because I didn’t find Jerry dead in the street. I didn’t need to see her suffering or crushed but, on the other hand, I don’t know for sure whether she is dead or if she is stuck somewhere.

The truth is that I am still looking for her outside but I am also realistic. I put away her litter box, her bed and her toys. Simply because I cannot face looking at that.

Well, maybe she will be back and maybe not. She was a great cat and I don’t regret taking her in after her mother (a feral cat downstairs in our garden) got run over by a car.

It is an amazing how much we humans can get attached to a pet. 🙂

By the way, I am not getting a new cat for the time being, as I don’t want to replace Jerry by another cat right away. At the moment, I cannot see myself taking in another pet at all.


2 thoughts on “In Mourning

  1. Pets are almost like our children and when they are injured or lost we do mourn. You saved her from a sure death as a kitten and gave her almost three years of the best life. I believe that their is a place for cats in heaven where they are pain free and happy. After all, Hashem created them as well and her cares for all of his creations.

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