My Videos / Streets in Jerusalem

Jerusalem: Hillel Street 27, Kikar HaMusica, Yoel Salomon Street & Kikar Zion


Walking from Hillel Street 27 to Kikar Zion (Zion Square).

Passing Kikar HaMusica (Music Square) where you can see lots of umbrellas hanging in the air and restaurants. The square is rather new and was built by a French investor. People who live there constantly complain about the noise and live music. Then walking through Yoel Salomon Street (with more umbrellas in the air) up to Zion Square. Zion Square used to be a great sight many years ago. Today it is just a square where you can sit on a bench and watch others passing by. You can see the new building of the Hamashbir department store.

Jerusalem’s only department store, as Israelis somehow don’t like them. On the other side you can see the tall Bank Hapoalim building and the Ben Yehudah shopping mall. Actually only tourists shop there whereas locals prefer the huge malls located in the Talpiyot neighbourhood.


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