Christian Missionaries

Christian Missionaries in Israel



Sukkot is not too far away and already now, thousands of Christian missionaries from all over the world start gathering in Jerusalem. They are all looking forward to the annual parade organized by the Christian missionary organization called “International Christian Embassy”. And this wicked embassy, believe it or not, is located in Jerusalem.

Every Chol HaMoed Sukkot (the intermediate days of Sukkot), the Jerusalem Parade is taking place. Jewish Israelis such as company employees, cops, fire fighters or soldiers walk in the front of the parade. At the end of the parade you see thousands of Christian missionaries marching along. They carry posters with pictures and quotes of their false Messiah J. (may his name be erased). Years ago, they also used to hand out missionary flyers to Jews. Now they are not allowed to do this anymore but I am sure that some of this idol – worshipers just ignore Israeli law.

Christian missionaries keep on trying to sneak into the Jewish religious world in Israel. Many national religious Jews go for it, as they are corrupt and accept lots of dollar donations from those Christian. Money seems to be more important than a Jewish heritage. Just ask Rabbi Shlomo Riskin or a guy called Jeremy Gimpel. As a matter of fact, the entire Bayit Hayehudi Knesset party as well as Netanyahu’s Likud receive lots of Christian donation money. The goal of Evangelical missionary Christians is a mass “Aliyah” of Christians to Israel. What they are striving for is a new law that would allow Christians to make “Aliyah”.

Lots of Christians missionaries already live in Israel. A famous example: The Waller family and their vicious Hayovel movement. True idol – worshipers who hate Judaism and any real religious Jew.

More on Christian missionaries in Israel:


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