Pessach (Passover) Preparations

What you are going to see are lots of Pessach products from various supermarkets in Jerusalem. However, I am not making any advertising and don’t receive any money from any company. 🙂 I am just showing you what I bought for Pessach.

Copyright: Miriam Woelke

A package with handmade Mazzot from the Osher Ad supermarket in the Talpiyot neighbourhood. One kilo cost 69,90 Shekel. They are not as good as the Mazzot from Chabad but still okay. And … Osher Ad is cheaper.



Copyright: Miriam Woelke

Mashed potatos. I actually eat them before Pessach because I don’t have too much time to cook when I get back from work. I still have a lot to clean but I finished my fridge though.



Copyright: Miriam Woelke

Machine made Shemura Mazzot sold in small packages. If you buy two of those you save 30 Shekels. The whole one kilo package Shemura Mazza costs 50 Shekels. If you buy two of those for 9,90 Shekels, it comes to 20 Shekels and you also have a kilo.



Copyright: Miriam Woelke

Huge varieties of different Mazzot in Israeli supermarkets.


Copyright: Miriam Woelke



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